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There seems to be a running theme with the students who win the student design competition from Ulster University...firstly we had a garden hose, then...
Alison Herbert loved the iconic design of this Roberts Revival Mini Radio so much that she decided to model one herself...learn more about how she cre...
Student Pawel Olek from Poland spent 2 years creating this humanoid robot, designed in NX! Read his story...
Find out how Brijesh Patel from University of Alabama in Huntsville created his winning design & won the student design contest!
Find out how Áron Juhász (left) & Alex Lázár (right) created their winning designs & won the May & June student design contest!
Latest Student Design Contest Winner Louis Flanagan talks us through the inspiration for his design and tells us about bigger things to come...
Learn how Tom Fothergill designed this Food Whisk & 3D printed it which led to his story bring picked up by news organization!
Find out more about this student from Universidad San Buenaventura, Columbia, and the Solid Edge software used for this winning image.
Learn more about how Ross Bickerstaff designed this Hedge Trimmer in Solid Edge.