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The Siemens PLM Gears Program

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Community Admin


I am happy to announce the Siemens PLM Gears program! This program is an effort to recognize and reward the extensive contributions of our community's most valuable members. 


The Siemens PLM Community is practically bursting with helpful, thoughtful, and knowledgeable people. Anyone who has visited this community for any period of time can attest to that. However, as with any group of people, there are those who stand apart from the group. Our community is no exception to this; we have several of these "superusers."


These users go above and beyond what is considered the standard or default behavior. They login nearly every day. They devote countless hours just to resolve a single person's problem. They receive more kudos and have more posts accepted as solutions than 95% of the other users combined. They're such an integral part of our community that we would be severely impaired if they ever chose to leave us. These are the users that were selected for the Gears program.


Gears is an annual program, which means membership has to be earned each year. It's structured into three tiers - 1st Gear, 2nd Gear, and 3rd Gear - and will have at most 45 members for any particular year. 1st Gear members are selected by nominations from the Community Managers. 2nd Gear and 3rd Gear members are selected based on their helpfulness, engagement, and behavior towards other users. The "inaugural class" for 2018 has already been selected.


Gears members receive a myriad of benefits, but one important marker that many of you have contacted me about is their special rank. All Gears members have a purple gear icon gears-rank.png  next to their username. This is a visual indicator that that user is amongst the best of the best, so you can probably trust what they're saying!


Please see this list of your 2018 Gears members and their areas of expertise. 



Gears Esteemed Contributor

 Hi @KatieKing,


I'm seeing an issue, where when clicking the link to view the Gears members, I'm being asking for a login, yet using my webkey details does nothing. I did discover cancelling the login & clicking the "go back" button on the browser [Chrome] allows it to continue.....although, I was expecting to see the cool Gears graphics you had previewed in previous post to the group.


I've recorded a video [via Solid Edge screen recorder] showing what I'm seeing.


(view in My Videos)

Community Admin

@SeanCresswell better now?

Gears Esteemed Contributor

 Spot on, thanks....all good now @KatieKing.


Image result for big thumbs up meme

Siemens Phenom

I have a question on this.


It seems that this program overlooks the broadly, but still highly, skilled and experienced contributors whose expertise crosses over multiple software communities and instead only focuses on those that post primarily (or only) in one software community.


I would expect this considering that it is the individual Community Managers of each software tool that do the nominations according to your post.


However, many of us cross knowledge folks know a lot, have posted a lot, and have had their posted accepted as solutions a lot but are not listed on any of the three tiers.


Look randomly at the stats of some of those 2018 Gear program members, it makes me wonder why I and some others weren't selected as well.  My only assumption is that those like myself are overlooked and effectively penalized for not staying within one forum or another.

Gears Esteemed Contributor

Since this is an annual election, only the statistics of the last year are taken into account.

It doesn't make sense to take the entire lifetime into account for an annual election.

Solution Partner Esteemed Contributor

Another point, the Gears program appears to be CAD centric (NX and Solid Edge only). The "Teamcenter and Technomatix" section is listed as third gear with only a single user selected for Teamcenter. That user is @SathiaSamidurai who has 7 posts, 3 kudos and 0 solutions. His last login was 2018-03-15. Luckily, @Jamie_Griffis is also listed as having Teamcenter otherwise I'd have to question their selections and process.


Gears Members


I think there are a host of people who have contributed more and are more involved in the community than Sathia. I think we can do a better job acknowledging candidates for "Gears".

Gears Esteemed Contributor

The selection of the potential candidates was made before February 2018 and one has been asked if he wants to be part of this program or not. Some of the more active members might have opted out of staying in the spot-light, so it is not possible to just take the activity into account.

It is the first time this election was done, the time will surly bring enhancements to the process, but you will never get rid of members denying their election.

Solution Partner Esteemed Contributor

@Stefan_Pendl I can only speak from my perspective and say that I was not asked. And looking at previous posts I'm guessing that @LarryCarpenter was also not asked. If you have specific examples then feel free to share them. From the outside, it feels like the rewards that come with this program are misplaced in a few instances, especially for Teamcenter which is a major product. Without Teamcenter none of the CAD integrations make sense and it appears to have little emphasis in Gears. Lets hope these comments and others are factors in the next year.

Community Admin

@RandyEllsworth maybe I can clarify this. For our first group of Gears, we wanted to started small and keep things manageable so we decided to limit it to customers only. There was a discussion about separate recognition for partners but that is still in the ideation phase. Then, based on user statistics, I selected up to 13 users for the 2nd and 3rd Gears. The 1st Gears were all nominated by the community managers. The distribution you see with regards to the Gears' "primary product" is purely because those products' users are the most engaged and most helpful in 


If you have suggestions for when we select next year's group, I would welcome those. Smiley Happy

Solution Partner Esteemed Contributor

I guess my first suggestion is to stop eliminating partners from the equation. They are likely your most valuable commodity since they have a larger customer exposure. And partners are already excluded from, not allowed to attend, Siemens PLM Connection unless they pay a hefty fee (for an SMB). Lets take a pledge to stop all the partner bias and be one big and happy community. Room for improvement. The more the merrier. I'm not trying to bash, only improve the situation for all. Fair treatment.

Siemens Phenom

I am a customer, monitor and post helpful responses whenever I can, and was never asked about this program.