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Digital Transformations

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Problems with electric cars revolve around sound such as the quietest cars being the most likely to injure pedestrians.
Generative design effectively integrates the advanced technologies required for autonomous vehicles.
HLS and AI have powerful capabilities for targeting and implementation at any time, resulting in smaller design teams, shorter development time and fa...
Future transportation needs will be met via sharing of data analytics for seamless delivery methods and safety.
The vehicles of the future include several modes of transportation including scooters, electronic, autonomous and many other types of vehicles.
How can autonomous car designs better serve the physically challenged?
Electric vehicle charging infrastructure must be accessible, open and reliable.
The future of AV/EV/ADAS is exciting, but the challenges are ever escalating. Learn why PCB failure analysis needs digitalization
The automotive industry is moving from a model of building and selling cars, towards micro-mobility.
Can government regulations help promote self-driving cars which provide both safety and innovation?