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A New NX Approaches

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Earlier in the summer we invited users to come and test the latest version of NX. We are excited to share with you today, some words from those that have experienced the latest and greatest from the worlds leading CAD system. 


(view in My Videos)


Have any thoughts on what was shared today? Leave a comment below on anything you're looking forward to in the coming release on January 22nd! 

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Hi chanatwr, 

thanks for the video. One thing I am curious about is the possibility to create your own unit cells for lattice structure, as this feature is being heavily promoted. Why is this feature necessary? What are the customer requirements so that they have a need to create their own type of lattice?

Community Manager

Hey @Sebastian5050 ,


Our users.... especially in the medical space have asking for the ability to create your own lattice strutures. Medical companies have studied and found that certain lattice structures promote better bone growth.  

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Thanks @chanatwr!