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Can you do product design without touching your keyboard and mouse?

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

Here is a follow-up video showing a Touchless interface to NX with a Leap motion controller.


The movie is available on the Siemens PLM Blog.




Is Siemen's hope that everyone will just develop their own NX API for the Leap Motion controller or why is the response "no plans to distribute the code" posted a couple of times concerning this new technology? 


I have a leap motion controller and would like to evaluate the use of the leap motion controller with NX for the design team I work with. I guess I am stuck either writing the code or evaluting other technologies. 


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Siemens Phenom

We are actively working on this but at the moment it's purely an R&D project to produce a proof-of-concept prototype that could be used to validate and demonstrate how this technology could be used in various user scenarios.  What we mean is that there are possibilities ranging anywhere from using this as a simple replacement for something like a 'spaceball' for 3D display control, to usage in immersive and/or augmented virtual reality environments, and it's still too early to say where and when will this become something truly useful.  That being said, as we make progress, you'll be hearing more from us as the opportunities present themselves so stay tuned to the Community site as this will be one of the venues that we will be using when we do make these future announcements.


Almost 3 years since the last comment and almost 5 years since Elon showed that the code works. I think it's time to release it. If the NX team hasn't finalised it yet then I think it's time to let the community finish it!


Please let us tinker with this. You don't need to ask whether we think there is use cases, obviously there are!