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Enhancements into NX

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

NX customers and users worldwide are familiar with the process that accepts their product improvement idea and documents this idea as an Enhancement Request (ER). What many may not know, however, is what happens once they submit a request. There is a reputation among CAD users, regardless of the company or software they use, that ERs are a bit of a black hole. In other words, a lot goes in but very little if anything comes out. We would like to change this perception.


Each NX release delivers enhancements specifically focused on improving customer workflow productivity. Helping users be more efficient with NX is a primary goal for us, and customer ERs are an important part of that process. While feedback from customers and industry reviews suggest that we do a good job of achieving this goal, our follow-through on keeping the ER database up-to-date with these accomplishments has sometimes lagged.


As a result, the team has dedicated time over the past months to review large sections of the ER database to bring these records to current status. From this effort, more than 1,000 ERs have been closed as Implemented with the recent NX 12 release.


We’ve gained some valuable insight over the course of this initiative that we would like to share now with the wider NX Design community. The key focus, of course, is to help you help us with regard to enhancement requests.


The ER process works through the worldwide organization and experts that are the Global Technical Access Center or GTAC. GTAC maintains the database of ideas as ERs. Each request has its own tracking number that allows you to monitor your idea towards through its delivery into a future release of NX.


As was previously mentioned, a key focus of ours is to improve customer workflow productivity. We’ve found that similar workflows and priorities can be grouped by customer industries – aerospace, automotive, consumer, electronics, energy, machinery, marine, and medical. Often, incoming ERs are ideas for specific commands in a step-wise fashion. These in turn, drive customer workflow productivity by making user task scenarios more efficient.


A well-documented ER contains technical documentation, which can include any of the following: a text description, scenario a user encounters which the idea for improvement solves, supporting NX prt file, perhaps a mock image of the future capability, performance timing comparisons, documentation on industry standard, perhaps a simulated video comparing the existing steps with the envisioned improved steps. The ER record can include anything that could be used to illustrate the improvement value and sufficiently communicate your idea to an NX team member who will eventually review your ER.


The general template used in GTAC for ER submittal is as follows:

  • ER Portion of Template:
  • Short Description:
  • What activity in your process is NX not able to currently handle?
  • What result are you trying to achieve? Please provide as many details as possible.
  • Do you currently have a workaround? If yes, please describe it.
  • Do you have a proposal for the solution you envision NX providing for this capability?
  • What is the level of productivity gained from such an enhancement?

After reviewing thousands of ERs, we offer the following three suggestions that will help with ER submittal and selection as a candidate for inclusion in a future NX product plan:

  1. A crisp, brief description to help categorize your submitted ER and make it stand out to the reviewing product manager.
  2. Sufficient documentation with the understanding that the reader and evaluator of your idea may be reviewing your submitted ER sometime after its submittal, and usually within the context of an already much improved future NX release.
  3. Clear success criteria which provides the foundation for the product manager and quality assurance personnel to clearly be able to close the ER as Implemented after performing hands-on validation.


Following the proper steps and our guidance for ER submittal helps to increase the likelihood that your ER will be implemented in a future release of NX.


Ultimately, the passion of the NX organization is driven by seeing in the marketplace the great products our customers create. Being responsive to user Enhancement Requests is something that satisfies each NX product manager. We believe that the creativity and innovation that form ideas into great products from our customers can be applied to Ideation to further the greatness of the NX product.

Siemens Legend

I'm sure many of you would be interested to hear how many ER's were implemented in the NX 12 development cycle as it's a question that I'm asked quite often when I visit customers.  The above post actually understates the effort in NX 12.


Generating a report from the GTAC ER database shows that in the time between NX 11 and NX 12 just under 2400 enhancements were implemented.  Rather than bore you with endless numbers, I'll let the various PM's comment on their individual areas.


We value your input and the ER proces greatly and we strive to deliver you a mix of enhancements and new functionality to boost your productivity.  Ultimately your success as NX users is what drives the product forward.

Siemens Phenom

In the Sheet Metal area, 68 ERs have been implemented since NX11.0.0.  The focus has been mainly on the core commands such as Tab, Flange, Flat Pattern and Material and Bend Table (Preferences) however enhancements have been implemented across the majority of functions.

2017-11-27 13_21_04-ERs_ResolvedNXSM.csv - Excel.jpg

If you have specific questions or comments on Sheet Metal feel free to post comments in the NX Sheet Metal group

Siemens Valued Contributor

Regarding Migration, approximately 120 enhancements have been made to Content Migration Manager since the release of CMM

Noteworthy enhancements include:

  1. Support for SolidWorks Configurations in Teamcenter
  2. Support for Catia v5 Shipbuilding entities
  3. Inclusion of pre-configured Check Mate check for Migration
  4. Major enhancements for PMI support from Creo
  5. Support for v5 Laminate migration
  6. Enhancements for both CMM performance and Reporting
Siemens Theorist

Teamcenter Integration for NX addressed over 200 customer ERs in the NX 12 release.  The large majority of those ERs resolved the following:

  • Support for Hierarchical (Cascading) LOVs, Interdependent LOVs, and Dynamic LOVs
  • More flexible naming patterns for NX Datasets without customization e.g. Drawings
  • Support for Multiple Item Naming Rules in NX component create commands
  • Synching the Precise column in the Assembly Navigator with the Precise column in TC Structure Manager

The above addressed specific customer ERs.  However, Teamcenter Integration for NX has other important capabilities released in NX 12 like: NX Environments; Intelligent Save; Publishing Model Views to Teamcenter; and Multi-CAD import / export.


I'd really like to see PMI from Catia v5...



Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

Hi R_Newcomb

I am interested to know what gaps you see in Catia v5 "PMI" as compared to NX PMI.  if these are already documented in existing open ER numbers, please just provide me with those numbers. 

I have feedback from a number of Catia to NX transition customers who are positive about NX PMI breadth of capabilities and usability.  Of course, both of these two areas can be improved via feedback and suggestions; and our follow-through.

Thanks, George


My apologies, I'd like to see Catia V5 PMI be able to be translated into NX when opening a Catpart or Catproduct in NX.

Siemens Valued Contributor

Hi R_Newcomb,

Content Migration Manager for Catia v5 does support migration of v5 FTA to NX PMI.

Siemens Phenom

Hi @R_Newcomb,


I agree, direct opening of Catia Data is a valid enhancement. If not yet done, please contact GTAC to file an ER.


But it is worth to mention that PMIs are already translated today when using JT as the databridge - meaning Catia V5 -> JT -> Open in NX. It even allows you associative geometry updates from Catia V5 and it also works within Teamcenter. Some caveats:

- You need to use the Catia V5 Translator offered by Siemens

- Not all PMI will be translated (semantic info must be there, representation must be achievable in NX).

- PMI's that are not supported will appear as Assorted parts (Geometry only)




I did an IR about PMI when opening Catpart files. The response I received was that it is planned for a future release and they gave me the same workaround you posted.

Problem is, we do not have a seat of V5 in-house and we get the catpart/catproduct files from our customers.

We currently access the Catia PMI via a part viewer such as Spinfire pr WorkXplore.

Siemens Phenom



Hi, this is good news. Hope it will make it soon into NX.

The Catia V5 ->  JT Translator (or vice versa, it is bidirectional) does not need a Catia installation or license, however the translator itself needs to be licensed (Product Number VS22196).




If someone could post, ER link. I do have Web Key Account for Incident Report.




Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

hi Rohan

The GTAC website for submitting an IR (Incident Report) that is then requested to become an Enhancement Request (ER)



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