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There is a hashtag circulating around social media that we are quite the fan of. NX seems to have its own hashtag associated with it. #IngenuityisNX rings a nice tune doesn’t it? Origins of the hashtag seem to be reminiscent of Siemens’ “Ingenuity for life” slogan which contains many meanings behind it. From our perspective, Ingenuity for life brings industry into the future. Mass production thus becomes so flexible that it can even fulfil individual requirements. For example, through the digitalization of the whole production process. Together with our customers we tackle the many challenges that face us.


Take a look below for some of our favorite references of the #IngenuityisNX hashtag:




IdealPLM showing NX & Teamcenter:




 The winning design from students at a regional users group:CAD.PNGStudents winning design using NX


Using lattice structures in an edible format:

Ingenuity_ISNX.PNGLattice Pears


An underwater camera design: 



News of NX 12.0.1 release:

Just Got Better.PNG


The famed Mars Rover...I wonder what they used to design? 

Mars Rover.PNG


An exciting new feature of NX 12: 



NX changing things you don't even think about: 



More exciting features in NX 12 : 





We love the support through the hashtag! Whether it’s showcasing an achievement, product, news, enhancement, event, image, or even culture it seems as if NX made its way onto the social world. Spread the word of NX for the world to hear with the #IngenuityisNX hashtag across social media.

Siemens Phenom


Siemens Creator

Awesome stuff. Would be great to see more people the #IngenuityIsNX hashtag. 

For your own wider reach, include other relevant hashtags based on the content. Some in manufacturing include #manufacturing,  #instamachinist (for the CAM/CNC crowd), #3DPrinting, #additive, #fabrication, #Render, etc