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Introducing Unigraphics III V11.0 with New, Improved PFK



The future is here! And for those of you who have been in CAD long enough, it looks a whole lot like the past—only better.


Today we are proud to announce the latest version of our CAD software, but with a little twist. Version 11 begins a new legacy for NX, one which we believe all of you will appreciate. We’re retiring the NX name in order to bring back a classic: Unigraphics.


DISCLAIMER: This is a completely false announcement. I thought we could have a little April Fools’ day fun, NX CAD style. We recognize how important the Unigraphics name is to some of our long time users, so for one brief moment, we hope you had a smile on your face. Smiley Happy None of the information in this post relates to real changes or products. PFK 2.0 is completely an invention of my imagination. Sorry to disappoint.

Unigraphics III V11.0 comes jam-packed with a multitude of new features and enhancements sure to make any CAD user happy, but the one I’ll share with you today is the most exciting change we’ve made yet. If you think CAD on a tablet is cool, wait till you see a PFK on a tablet. 
pfk 2.0.jpg

That’s right. We are bringing back the PFK.



For anyone new to CAD (that is, anyone who began their computer-aided design career post-80’s) PFK stands for Programmed Function Keyboard. Before the fancy user interfaces of present-day, engineers used a PFK to select and execute various functions, thus operating their CAD system. The original PFK was an upright box with 32 backlighted keys, 14 of which were numbered while the rest were either blank or featured specific commands. Different combinations of keys would result in different actions.


We adapted that model for use in a mobile application called PFK 2.0. It is free to download on Android, iOS, and Windows through their respective app stores. The best part? PFK 2.0 is completely open, so you can use it with any CAD program. You simply have to select the software you’re running from a dropdown menu in the settings.


This new interface allows you to control Unigraphics III from your tablet or smartphone with a few quick taps or swipes of your finger. While most user interface changes can be a pain to adjust to, this is so intuitive and easy, you will be up to speed in no time.


PFK 2.0 features 8 new keys to accommodate for the additional capabilities our software has gained since the original model of the '80s.

You might be wondering, “Why would you go back?” That’s easy. Two words: Mouse. Clicks.


You work in CAD software for 8 hours a day, if not more! Not only that, but you hear it all the time: Mouse clicks are increasing. Think of how many clicks it takes you to perform even the simplest of commands. Plus, all the time you spend moving your mouse around the screen trying to locate the functions you need.  It doesn’t just equate to wasted time; it can have serious health impacts too! If you or someone you know has ever had carpal tunnel syndrome, you know that’s nothing to scoff at.


So if your next question is, “How soon can I get it?!” the answer is…


Unfortunately, never. 


but but but ... will it work using steam power?!?


Awww, next you'll be getting our hopes up and announcing that NX Drafting is being replaced by new and improved I-DEAS Drafting! "Get there faster" ;^)

Siemens Phenom

Very funny Smiley Very Happy


I'm a big fan of the mobile roll viewer and copier technology.  Using plant-based onion skin drawing media and industrial grade ammonia, users can create drawings and information on transportable, rollable environmentally safe and recycleable paper that can be taken anywhere in the world without having to use WIFI or an internet connection.

Community Manager

You had me goin' there, Amy.  Smiley Happy  "Really?..  What?  ...Why? Oh, April Fools!"

It was very funny.

However, I've seen the advertisement of "catchbook" which is a new Siemens application for tablets. I couldn't find it in the Apple Store.
Community Admin

I love it!! You mocked up a great UI Smiley Wink


Thanks @KatieKing


@Lezajsk21294 Thanks for your comment. Yes, Catchbook has not been released yet. We will be making an official announvement as soon as we have a confirmed launch date.


@AmyReyes1 this is so cruel. I was really getting my hopes up. 

Time to go to lunch - Don't forget to 9-1-1-2-1 before you leave!


And yes, there is a PFK in my office. 


I totally fell for this until i saw the date, not gonna lie


I thought why the HECK would that be brought back, then Ungraphics III tipped me off until the final moment of never. Funny post and if you could somehow make this into a April fools video, you would have a hit on your hands. Smiley Very Happy