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NX Beta Reaction

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Community Manager

Many features, many thoughts, many hours, and loads of excited users. Testers embraced all the new functions available to them. Features such as design review in life-like virtual reality, design groups, extreme speed, new assembly loading, NX on the cloud, technical data packages, sheet metal enhancements, UI updates, new commands, new convergent modeling updates, and much much more. So much new material that users weren’t able to conquer all that NX has to offer in its latest update while they were testing. This latest version of NX will no doubt be the most extensive, powerful, and user friendly NX to date (Now that’s saying something.)


Be on the lookout for new material and opinions for NX in the coming weeks and months. For now, enjoy our beta users from week one and their thoughts on what they were able to experience.


(view in My Videos)

Have any thoughts? Excited about anything you hear? Leave a comment and let us know below.

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The video link seems to be broken. I'd blame my company's firewall, but it's broken on my phone as well. Is anyone able to see it?
Community Manager

@jonparkinson - Thanks for the heads up  Jon. Give it another go. Should be working now!

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@chanatwr Much better. Thanks!
Gears Genius

Can someone inform us what will happen the the NX Beta program going forward considering that NX is going to the continuse release path?

More specifically: will there still be the ability to do Beta testing off-site back at the customers home base?



Gears Esteemed Contributor

There is the EAP (Early Adopters Program) that will allow to do testing before release.

Gears Genius

Thanks Stefan


Thats is what I wanted to know. so as before I request through my sales guy?



Gears Esteemed Contributor

Yes you will have to request EAP participation through your customer service representative (CSR).

Siemens Phenom
Gears Genius

THanks Johannes,


and it is done already Smiley Very Happy