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NX Beta and Early Access Program Registration

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Community Manager

Great advancements are being made to provide a best-in-class solution for your NX Design needs. With the recent implementation of a continuous-release schedule, we want to ensure that users understand all the benefits that come with it, and have the opportunity to share their wants and needs out of the faster turnaround of enhancements and deployment.


Help us make NX what you need it to be! In order to ensure we are being as responsive to new ideas and trends in technology that align with your needs, we need to hear from you. Please register here. 


(view in My Videos)

The above video shows some of the experiences from users at last years Cypress, CA beta. 


To maintain our new continuous-release deployment schedule, we will have two beta tests per year. On the next page, you will have a chance to register for this event. You will be able to choose the week and location that works best for you.


NX beta testing dates are:

Session 1

Virtual Week: March 4, 2019 – March 8, 2019
Week 1: March 11, 2019 – March 15, 2019
Week 2: March 18, 2019 – March 22, 2019


Can't make NX Beta EAP Testing in March? Session 2 will soon be open for registration. Dates will include:

Virtual Week: September 9, 2019 – September 13, 2019
Week 1: September 16, 2019 – September 20, 2019
Week 2: September 23, 2019 – September 27, 2019


On-site locations available include:

  • Cypress, CA
  • Milford, OH
  • Pune, India

As a participant in NX beta testing, your contribution to the success of this event will include:

  • Attending all virtual preparation sessions
  • Completion of the Pre-release agreement
  • Completion of a marketing release
  • Preparation of data and test scenario before arriving on-site
  • The contribution of >30 hours of testing per on-site week
  • The submission of >25 well documented, reproducible PRs per on-site week
  • Responsible for own travel expenses
  • The review of all customer existing ERs relative to current pre-release NX
Siemens Phenom

Thank you @chanatwr for posting this exciting news!


Just a comment: The registration process is a 2 Step-process, and is valid for onsite-testing (at Siemens PLM facilities) as well as offiste-testing (software and information provided, no traveling required).


The first step is a general registration page (marked by @chanatwr as "Please register here"). It is primarily important to get news and updates from Siemens PLM.

The second step will take you to the actual registration page where you can choose between NX Beta on-site testing and NX Beta/EAP off-site.


Based on previous tests, I REALLY recommend being part of NX Beta and EAP!

Try it - you'll love it!






In the original post you mention September beta being opened soon. When this will be? I have tried to get an answer from @SamKuan multiple times with no reply. If we participate, this needs to be decided rather quickly since plans are already set in motion for this september timeframe. When will the registration be opened for these?