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Community Manager

With every new release of NX, you can expect industry leading technology and solutions. Tod Parrella (NX Design Product Manager) is one of the many here within the NX organization who help create the next generation of design and engineering. We got a chance to sit down with Tod Parrella to discuss what you can expect from this latest release of NX in terms of core design.

Realize the next generation of design and engineering with NX. Releasing January 22nd.


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So, January 22 came and went (so did January 23 and 24) and still no mention of NX being available... It is available for download, but then it's not very useful without a license...


Never mind, the license can be found at GTAC's website...  Weird, we used to get an e-mail with the new license before...

Siemens Phenom


"NX is available for download" was posted in NX Design forum on 19th January. 

Yep, saw that , thanks :-)