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Two steps is all it takes 
What it's like to put the latest version of NX through its paces. A teaser for what's to come in NX.
Take a look at the integration of Teamcenter PLM capabilities inside NX using Active Workspace!
Are your needs being met by your CAD and PLM systems? See how a few lessons I learned from my early days as the lead of IT systems and operations at a...
CAD file sharing, simulation, and on-the-fly changes. You hate doing them, but NX makes them a little easier... and less painful!
CAD expert Al Dean of DEVELOP3D finds a lot of design improvements in NX 10 that solve many users' biggest pain points. Better collaboration and maxim...
Engineers can spend up to half their time looking for parts they need to work on or worse, have to redesign them from scratch when they can't be found...