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Additive manufacturing is a comprehensive discipline that combines elements of design, manufacturing, and simulation. NX's latest release leverages th...
Mechanical engineering students from the University of Cincinnati discuss modeling in NX.
With the premier of the movie First Man, cataloguing NASA's efforts to put the first man on the moon in the 1960's, SIEMENS NX partnered with Maya to ...
The NX team and a regional partner highlighted key components of the Next Generation of Aerospace Design at a Canadian aerospace symposium late last w...
Here's what you need to know. 
Here is a great list of resources and detail you may not have known were available to you.
Consider this your invitation to the first ever NX Awards Show
Highlighting our amazing community. Today, we sit down with @magnsko (Magnus Skogsfjord) to talk about his use of NX
    See Santa's Workshop in action
An early prototype version of the NX VR software was set up in conjunction with HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System at 2018 Siemens Converge Conferece. Th...