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Matthew Hibbert from Redbull Technology sits down with us to relay his thoughts on the upcoming release of NX.
Discuss NX VDA tools for VRU assessment of automotive products at Realize Live 2019 Detroit
Erfahren Sie an Praxisbeispielen mehr über Generative Design, Topologie-Optimierung und die additive Fertigung.
What’s coming in the next 100 years for the auto industry? Just over 100 years ago, Henry Ford disrupted the auto industry of the time with the introd...
Witness how future technologies will utilize NX for the next generation. #SiemensConnect2018. Don't miss it this December 4-5 where attendees will tak...
We ask users who got the chance to try out the next version of NX their thoughts. Watch here
The pace of innovation in the automotive and transportation industries has never been greater
  New and innovative. Two words we love to hear.
How will we design and develop the next generation of automobiles? That question is at the forefront of key players in the auto industry, and was the ...
3D PDF or JT: Which is the better option? This is a difficult decision many companies today face with regard to technical data packages. Product Manag...