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Cutting performance is a key driver in the NX CAM 10 updates. Check them out.
A new tech tip shows how easy it is to create VoluMill cutting patterns right inside NX CAM. See how.
New tech tip shows how to eliminate jerky behavior from your machine tool by using the smooth connections and proper post processor options in NX CAM....
Quickly bring yourself up to speed on Die/Mold Machining enhancements in NX CAM 9. NX CAM 9 hands-on demonstrations.
It’s important to keep cutting tools as short as possible. Read this to discover how to use NX CAM and CAM Express to convert a 3-axis tool path into ...
NX CAM 9 Tech Tips are underway. The first describes powerful new options for optimizing cut patterns across steep and non-steep regions.
If you're looking for the next level of control and faster CNC programming for die/mold machining, then NX CAM 9 deserves a closer look.
“Pencil Milling” is the name given to a machining strategy where a small-diameter ball end mill is used to perform finish milling in small nooks and c...
Pencil Milling is a finishing strategy for tight areas in complex geometry. Learn how Flow Cut can create different strategies for steep and non-steep...