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NX users who learn to create and use Journal files wonder how they ever lived without these awesome little productivity boosters.
This Tech Tip shows how to let NX CAM automatically create an in-process material representation to use as the starting blank for the next NC Operatio...
Tech Tip replay shows how to use the example machines in your NX installation to setup a programming environment for mill-turns.
Machine definition gets tricky when optional devices like right-angle heads change the kinematic structure of the machine. This Tech Tip shows you how...
This Tech Tip looks at the overall CAD/CAM/CNC process chain from a high-level perspective, starting with the Part Manufacturing Solution diagram.
Check out this Tech Tip that shows how to go straight from an NX assembly to a sheet metal nest ready for the fabrication shop. See how.
Part Modules provide a quick way to build associative in-process and fixture models. See how.
This blog post shows how to create a Casting body to use as the raw stock for subsequent machining operations. The method used is to copy the original...
Aaron Frankel shows us around the various features and content of the NX Manufacturing Forum.