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Agile planning in Polarion - How to create iterations

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Agile planning in Polarion - How to create iterations


Agile methodology is at the forefront of the software development world. Agile development gives you a way to rapidly respond to change within organizations, projects, and products.


One way we cater to this within Polarion is with the use of Polarion plans. In this short video tutorial part our agile video tutorial series, we will show you how you can easily create a new release, add iterations, and add work items to them with the help of plans. Quickly get an insight into the planning of that release with work item estimations, plan boards, and burndown charts.


Try it now, take Polarion for a spin today

Agility spans across the entire software lifecycle as well do our products. So test-drive and experience one of our agile products today.

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Hello Wesley, 


Great video and demonstration. I would like to do this in my project however I'm running into an issue. 


I am unable to successfully add Work Packages to my Plan. 


I select a work package, and then press the "Add" button to add it. I see it has been added as the remove button is now illuminated. 

As soon as I press the "Save Plan" button on the bottom, it does not succesfully save the plan with the added work package. It almost seems like the page refreshed and I'm back to where I started. 

I have an ALM license. 


I tried to look for a technical support page but was unable to find something. 


Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

Community Manager

@GioLuna, Good to see you are working with our plans. In order to help you with your issue please submit a ticket here: Siemens Support GTAC and provide your log files.