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Femap Symposium Series 2015

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

We’re taking a new approach with the Femap Symposium this year and instead of a single event, we’re planning multiple events – the Femap Symposium Series 2015 – across the country over the next few months in conjunction with our channel partners.

Femap Symposium 2015 Series

This isn’t the whole list though, we’ll be adding a couple of new dates and venues in the near future.

We hope to reach more of the Femap user base in this way, and give more people a chance to learn about the latest capabilities, see what’s coming in future product development as well as learn some more advanced applications. So choose a venue near you and register now to secure your place.

Reasons to attend these exciting events:

  • Find out what’s in the latest release of the software, and what’s coming in the future

  • Increase your productivity and extend your knowledge of Femap – there are a lot of advanced topics being covered

  • See how other customers use Femap and solve complex engineering problems

  • Meet some of the the Femap developers

  • Network with other Femap users

We look forward to seeing you at one of these events.

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May I know the agenda for these events? I haven't been to one so far. Thanks!


Robin Ooi
Community Manager
The agendas vary from event to event, but overall there's a what's new in Femap 11.2, customer presentations on how Femap is used, advanced technical presentations on subjects like using the API, geometry modeling, meshing etc. The events finish with a developer roundtable offering a chance to ask questions directly to the Femap developers.

Al Robertson