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Kärcher - The engineering experts behind the brand image

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Siemens Visionary

Kärcher is to high-pressure cleaners what Kleenex® is to tissues. In other words, it is one of those brands that has taken over the generic name of an item. (Wordsmiths out there will know that this is called a proprietary eponym.) Give it a try: if you say Kärcher* to someone that someone will conjure up a high-pressure cleaner and most likely a yellow one. Now that is brand power.


*Just a side note on this, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy who could be said to be a fan of creative language, is credited with creating the verb version, karchériser, which is catching on among French speakers. (Recently, Sarkozy messed up a rhubarb/lettuce quote from Molière on national television, but that is a different blog post altogether.)




Anyways, back to Kärcher, as a company, you don’t buy or create brand power like this – you build it. Patiently and persistently, year after year, generation after generation. And the family-run Kärcher still does this today. No detail is too small to protect the brand image.


Read all about how Dr. Florian Ebert and Felix Bensing make sure that the acoustic performance of each product results in the quietest cleaning possible or kärchering possible.