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Simcenter 3D Drop Test Demo

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Siemens Visionary

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Everyone knows the feeling: You're going about your day, like usual, and it happens... your hand slips leaving your phone in a free fall. You try to stop it from a direct collision with the ground, but it’s too late, your phone smacks flat onto the pavement. By the time you recover your device, the screen is destroyed. If only the device had been properly tested before launch to handle harsh conditions. 


In an age of constant technological advancement, it is imperative for new handheld devices to endure structural integrity testing. As a result, manufacturers must take the necessary precautions to ensure the longevity of their products; however, drop testing your product is costly, as numerous testing models must be used during. From what angle is the device most vulnerable? How would the product withstand against a concrete surface, as opposed to a wooden one?


Simcenter 3D drastically simplifies the process of creating non-linear models for structural analysis. Its drop test simulation software accurately reproduces reality, offering considerable control over various contact conditions. This proves beneficial for manufacturers as the various stages of product testing occur within a digital environment, allowing for significant time and money to be saved during development.

Siemens Visionary

From my own experience: There must be plenty of validation data out in the field. A little scattered maybe