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Talking about LMS Sound Camera at Automotive Testing Expo

Siemens Visionary Siemens Visionary
Siemens Visionary

In the afternoon of June 22, 2017, we concluded another successful edition of the Automotive Testing Expo Europe show. And, frankly, we had a great time there. The event gave us unique opportunities to meet and engage with you, members of the Simcenter community, with customers or simply with interested passersby. We’ve had a lots a talks, collected positive feedback about our newest products and solutions for automotive testing and engineering, but also listened to your remarks and suggestions. In the digital era, there’s still nothing like the “good old” face-to-face discussion.

LMS Sound Camera was our star of the show. The fast and versatile solution for sound source localization drastically accelerates acoustic troubleshooting. A capability that we’ve demonstrated with real-time source localization and analysis on our demo car. A couple of sound sources were hidden at different locations beneath the car, allowing visitors to see sound instantly.


Naturally, there’s quite a lot to say about LMS Sound Camera. It sets up in few minutes and measures at the same time. It is robust and modular and can be used for near field and far field measurements. It records and replays sound sequences, lets you analyze first results in real-time or even compare them. It has its own dedicated software for immediate results visualization but also seamlessly integrates with other testing solutions from the Simcenter portfolio.

Yes, there’s really a lot to talk about. But seeing it is better than reading about it. If you’ve missed us at Automotive Testing Expo Europe this year, watch the short video and discover what LMS Sound Camera is all about.


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Interested in other solutions from the Simcenter Testing portfolio? We’ll publish more videos in the coming days, all recorded at the Automotive Testing Expo event. Stay tuned and don’t forget to visit us in  Stuttgart next year when the 2018 edition is on!