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to the biggest ever Simcenter Conference, 2-4 December, Amsterdam. 
Major enhancements for low- and high-frequency electromagnetic solutions in addition to new capabilities for increased multidiscipline integration, fa...
I spent hours interviewing simulation and testing users at the Simcenter Conference. Here is what I learned.
Have you ever wondered about the physics of a roller coster? Or thought about how strong the bolts and joints have to be to....
  We’re pleased to announce the release of Femap version 12!
See how Lisa Airplanes used Femap and NX Nastran to certify a new two-seater plane, the Akoya.
Let’s take a look at some of the solver capabilities that will be supported in the upcoming version 12 release of Femap.
You think air travel is tough? Try being an airplane seat, it's nothing but abuse, yet they soldier on...
"It's provide reassurance to me as a manufacturing company as well as to our clients."