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to the biggest ever Simcenter Conference, 2-4 December, Amsterdam. 
Erfahren Sie, wie Sie die Schallwahrnehmung mit der Sound Quality Analyse objektiv messen können.
Explore the latest engineering strategies to comply with the noise regulations for heavy equipment.
I understand that after seeing the agenda for the first day it is hard to resist attending on the second day too. So go ahead, come join us for the se...
It takes a real man or woman to recognize a good deal when they see one. But it takes a great engineer to realize that this is the event to be at: 201...
Get out of the heat and join us at the coolest engineering event of the summer. The 2017 Quadfecta: Engineer Better Products with Simulation & Test ev...
LMS Soundbrush supplies you with immediate, real-time, detailed results, allowing you to simply focus on solving the acoustic problem.
Even better acoustic troubleshooting and sound source localization with new, easy-to-use app!
“How do you make sure that what was designed on the computer screen will act like it should in the real world? The answer is simple: you test it.”.
Missed us at the Automotive Testing Expo 2015? Check this movie on the latest LMS Testing Solutions.