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How Simcenter accelerates your certification processes with an integrated test/simulation approach.
I spent hours interviewing simulation and testing users at the Simcenter Conference. Here is what I learned.
Faster complex chemistry and more accurate LES combustion in Simcenter STAR-CCM+v13.06!
The top expert speakers presenting on integrated approach how to handle the ground vibration test preparation.
Engineering is a balancing act, pushing the boundaries of science. But when we push too far, how do we fix it?
Ice protection is a critical component of any modern aircraft design. For small planes and UAVs, ice protection systems are rare thus limiting their u...
See how Lisa Airplanes used Femap and NX Nastran to certify a new two-seater plane, the Akoya.
Aircraft noise pollution is detrimental to our health, find out how we are helping reduce the problem.
Around fourty experts attended the masterclass. A unique experience for all of us!
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