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Process engineers must ensure high temperature processes are as efficient as possible. How can CFD help?
The marine industry needs to move to a new normal for vessel design, or face failure. Learn more in this white paper.
A complete solution for battery cell design and pack integration simulation
Internal Combustion Engines are doomed to die? Well, imagine yourself when suddenly you are being told that you had only one hour to live! What would ...
A new add-on to Simcenter STAR-CCM+ allows you to easily perform accurate in-cylinder CFD
Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2019.1 expands your ability to create, in glorious detail, information-rich, colorful fluid dynamics, with new rendering materials...
STAR-CCM+ v2019.1 includes a host of new features that increase both the realism of your simulations and your ability to automate them.
Red Carpet rolled out, meet the latest STARs of your automated CAE process.
A look at the importance of re-evaluating past assumptions for the sake of continual improvement.
Please note: Original publication date 06-29-2017