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Annual Solid Edge User Survey


SNAG-0000.pngWant to have input into the future of Solid Edge? Dan Staples and the development team want to hear from you. They've put together the annual Solid Edge User Survey which will be used to develop enhancements for ST8. It will only take a few minutes of your time, and it will come back to you in the form of software that continues to improve in areas that are important to you.


Don't blow off this opportunity. It really is important for customers to give this kind of feedback. It is an important way to help safeguard your investment in time, money, and your company's intellectual property in the future direction of the Solid Edge tools you rely on most.


The survey is only open until the end of this month, but don't wait. Do it now so you don't forget. It takes about 15 minutes. Click on the image above.


Here's a letter from Dan Staples:









Dear Solid Edge Community Member,


The Solid Edge® development team invites you to take part in a short customer survey designed to help us deliver the highest value software solutions possible. Your input is very important to us and the data we collect will provide us with valuable information as we plan the ST8 release and beyond. 


The survey is divided into eleven sections and should take you about fifteen minutes to complete. To participate, please visit the survey here before December 31, 2013.


All responses are anonymous and completely confidential. We look forward to receiving your feedback.


Dan Staples


Community Manager

This survey really makes an impact. Past surveys have resulted in the following improved areas of the product in the last couple releases:


  • Multi-Body
  • Place Part in Asm Enhancements
  • Create in Place Enhancements
  • Inter-part Management
  • Explode Flow Lines
  • Surface Extend/Trim
  • Sheet Metal Flatten Enhancements
  • Massive Assembly Performance

So please take the time to do it. It matters!



Siemens Theorist

Nice to see the annual survey for Solid Edge customers and partners to provide input to shape Solid Edge future.

Solution Partner Legend

Dont know if its just my PC.  but I could not select the check boxes to pick my choices...  I had to selecte the TEXT and that would put the check box in...  Just and FYI in case anyone else struggles...


You're supposed to give us a few letters! Smiley Wink

Gears Phenom



I have some tips for X...? May I tell them publicly or is it under NDA? Smiley Happy