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Getting Started with Solid Edge


getstarted.pngWere you interested in competing for all the great prizes in the “Get Radical” Razor PowerWing Design Challenge but hesitant to try because you’ve never designed in Solid Edge? Well, fret no more. It’s easy as 1-2-3.


Join us for a free 30-minute webinar that will get you designing your radical Razor Scooter in minutes, and discover how solid edge provides the speed and simplicity of direct modeling with the flexibility and control of parametric design- all in one easy to use package. 


Think Radical. Win Prizes. Have Fun. Design Better.


scooter.pngWebinar Details

When: Thursday Jan 16, 2014- 2 PM EST

Title: Webinar: Getting Started with Solid Edge

To register :


Webinar Operator-Josh Mings

Host- John Gaioni, Siemens PLM Senior Marketing Manager-Global

Demonstrator- Doug Stainbrook, Solid Edge Field Support Engineer

Hi Matt, Could you do a review of Revision Manager sometime? Specifically would it be a good one-man shop PDM? Also can you use it to copy an assembly to a new assembly with new filenames and/or part numbers? Thanks, Daniel
Community Manager

I saw one of our partners in Canada just posted a RM blog. Maybe it will be helpful. See here:



Revision Manager? Yes, that's on my list of stuff I want to learn. I'll give it a look. Meanwhile, the link Dan gives actually leads you through working with it rather than offering opinions.


Thanks for the request!


HI sir... this is jay working as tech support for this solid edge software. this blog is quiet interesting and i am excited to attend this webinar. but unfortunately the time is not matching for me. it will be around 12.30 am on 17th jan. can u help me in downloading this webinar or watching this later on.... 


help me sir if u can, coz i don want to miss this opportunity.



Hi Dan and Matt, Thank you Dan for the link on Revision Manager. It didn't answer one question quite clear enough for me. Can you use Revision manager to copy a project and rename all the files in the new copy? For example if I have Assembly Widget, can I copy and rename it Assembly Special Widget? And have all associated files be renamed with the prefix Special? Thanks Matt, I look forward to your article on it as well. Regards, Daniel
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Revision Manager shows the structure of the assembly and allows:

Move/Rename/Copy of individual items or the entire structure.

Replacement of individual items in the structure with different items.

Where used of the items and subsequent Move/Copy/Rename/Update of found items.

Siemens Valued Contributor

Hi Jay, 


Here is the recording of the webinar: 




Siemens Valued Contributor

BTW, here is a rendering of the fender that Doug did after the webinar.


Razor_Scooter- RearFender.jpg



HI burhop, Thank u very much.... I will see the video by evening....

                        Actually I am the tech support for solid edge software in my organization... Peoples asking diff doubts... I have to learn more.... Me too a learner like you friend.... Hope all is well... I will reply after completing the webinar... Thank u once again...