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New Solid Edge Videos Getting Some Attention


In the last week or so, Solid Edge has put out a couple of videos that are getting some attention around the industry. Through the grapevine I heard that one reseller said this first video is the best thing we've ever produced for Solid Edge. Here's this first one:

Fun. Grabs your attention.


And the second one is a little more user oriented. Our good friend Bob Mileti once again takes up the mantle of being a spokesman for Solid Edge and this time Microsoft as well.



Somebody is putting in some time and coming up with good stuff. I think these make the product we use look good.


Honored Contributor

I could not see using a surface tablet to do CAD work. My current computer was based on the "high end" configuration recommended for solid edge. I'm waiting on the computer about 30% of my time. Just about to purchased an I7 Boxx computer 4.5 Ghz with a 4200 vid card and Raid-0 SS main drives and 32 gigs of ram. Apparently that is as good as it gets for Solid Edge.


Note: If you have hyperthreading, turn it off!


Yeah, I get that. I have a high end CAD box, and a Surface for portability. It doesn't have to be one or the other.



Thank you for putting both of the video together like this. I think this truly shows what the last several years have been all about- the slow building of projects (marketing) and technology directions. This first video display the achievements of the software in a clean, heart-tugging at times, moments that show the achievements of science, medicine and technology.


The second video demonstrates that you don't need a monster workstation to work on CAD. Technology has come along way and Solid Edge running on SP3 is effective. With the SE abiltiies to manage how large assemblies are loaded, light weight models and it small data file footprint you can really use these machines effectively. With the advent of the cloud- yes don't go bananas because I said the cloud- and the ability to process and send graphics back via the intranet you don't neccessarily need all the cpu powerhouse and water cooled hardware to run CAD. Basically we are looking at the 1990's X-terminal processes again! But I digress.

If you are doing simple prismatic machine design with assemblies under 5,000 unique parts this device should work just fine. It will get warm and the fan will kick on but that just means you are utiliIng the power of the machine you are using- getting better ROI. You can also easily and wirelessly connect your SP3 to a much large monitor- say a 70" LED if you want to using a miracast dongle/adapter and then use a bluetooth mouse for all your onscreen activities if you want. Personally, I prefer the using the sytlus.


The portability of the device and its ability to function as tablet with touch and stylus for signatures and writing are just all extras. I'll tell you what, with all the nasty colds spreading around (flu and stuff like that) I would much rather us a sytlus than my finger to write my signature....shivers thinking about everyone else who has rubbed their dripping nose and signed that blasted credit card approval on the i-pad...


12Gauge I think you're not keeping an open mind to what the Surface Pro 3 represents.


In the Microsoft SP3 video I did, it actually shows me working on my Workstation, which has similar specs to yours. What the video shows is me taking that work on the road, or back home. I'm not using it to do major design work but instead supplementing that work to do rudimentary work. I have already on a number of occasions received late in the day emails from customers and vendors, with questions regarding different projects. But if I'm at home or on the road, I can quickly make changes then and there, and get the answers to my customers in a timely manner. do I do this every night? NO, but when I do it's worth it's weight in gold.


All of those shots, both in my building and at one of my machine shops, were based on real world discussions regarding parts in production at their shop. Paul and I use it for inspecting incoming parts all the time... the fact that it's mobile and fast makes it easier then using prints.


So the SP3 is not (yet) a full blown replacement for a desktop, nor do I believe it was intended as such. The breakthrough for me is having an "active" portable device, I can actually do work on rather then a "dumb" passive device, such as an iPad.



Gears Esteemed Contributor

Well, I guess it depends on what you're designing in Solid Edge.....I don't design entire power stations, nor gas turbine engines, so get away without the need for all that raw CPU & GPU grunt.....but what I do design, I can, and do, easily get away with, and am living entirely on my Surface Pro 3, made a little easier of course, in conjunction with a large monitor.