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Solid Edge Academic Licensing Tips

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Go-Button-with-hand-click.jpgSo you’ve registered for the product, downloaded the setup, and installed Solid Edge.  You’re super excited to start modeling, but you can’t seem to activate your license.  Here are the most common ways this step can go wrong:





  • Be sure to select “I have an Academic Code” on the License Utility dialog.  It can be easy to confuse “Academic Code” with “Activation Code.”



  • Be sure to type the your license code correctly.  It can be very easy to confuse zeros and “o’s.”  It’s also easy to type “1” for “L”  and “3” for “B.” 


  • The license must be entered precisely.  Capital letters are different from lower case letters for this license, so be sure to type it exactly as shown on your registration email.  You’ll know you got it right when the OK button activates.


  • Very important – click the OK button.  It might seem that the highlighting button means that the licensing is complete.  It really only indicates that the license has been entered correctly.  You have to click OK to save the license information to your system.


  • If you installed ST6 instead of ST8, be sure to use the activation code at the bottom of your registration email (in the “Note 1” paragraph).  The ST8 activation code will only work on ST8.


  • If you’re still getting errors, it can be because you installed to a folder with a special character (for example, an accented character).  If so, please remove Solid Edge and re-install it to a folder that doesn’t include special characters.


  • Finally – check the SELicense.dat file that is located in the Solid Edge ST8\Preferences folder.  If this file has not been updated on the day that you entered your license information, then it may be that you don’t have write access to that folder.  Confirm that you have write access, and start the License Utility again (Start button > All Programs > Solid Edge > Licensing > License Utility).  You can open a license file with a text editor such as Notepad; a properly written file should have more than a single line in it.

Contact us on the forum if you’re still having problems.  We are as excited as you are for you to start using Solid Edge.




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It can be very easy to confuse zeros and “o’s.”  it's also easy to type “1” for “L”

~Why not altogether eliminate o and 0 and 1 and L from the license numbers. Remaining numbers and alphabets are still enough to generate a unique combination.


You'll know you got it right when the OK button activates.

~Why not display a message in green on the dialog saying "The value entered is correct. Click the OK button to proceed."


Please remove Solid Edge and re-install it to a folder that doesn't include special characters.

~Why not not make the installation wizard check this when picking a folder at the time of installation just as Windows does:



Siemens Legend

Thanks for the suggestions, @Tushar.  The special character issue will be resolved in ST9.  I'll forward your other suggestions to the planning team for consideration.




every time I try to install SolidEdge the Error "This application is not properly registered"

pops up.

I tried installing ST8 with the DVDs and the associated code or downloading ST9.

I registered with my student and my private email, but I did not receive a license code for


Is there a bad registry entry or what is my error?


 "SELicense.dat"  is generated, it contains :


INCREMENT solidedgeacademicu selmd 108.0 30-jun-2017 uncounted SIGN="179A... .... 3059" \

FEATURE server_id selmd 108.0 permanent uncounted \
VENDOR_STRING="9999991 - kit" \
HOSTID=ANY user_info=student ISSUER=SIEMENS \
SIGN="15F... ...3 1AE


maybe that information helps.