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Stuff to do at SEU: Birds of a Feather



At some of the meals this year at SEU, we are going to have special themes for various tables. We call this "Birds of a Feather". And yes, the notion is that they will "flock together". So if you want to talk to other users about drafting standards, we have a table for that, and there will be a little banner at the table that will help all yall birds find each other.


Here are the table themes we will have (if we have forgotten some, please comment!)

  • Solid Edge Sychronous Technology
  • Solid Edge Large Assembly Design
  • Drafting Standards and Productivity
  • Solid Edge Special Applications and Engineering Analysis
  • Additive and Engineering Manufacturing
  • Cloud Enabled Solid Edge and CAD Administration
  • Programming in Solid Edge

We know you're shy, so we'll have a designated Siemens extrovert to start the conversation at each table ;o) (Geez, we need a designated color for snark...)


Anyway, I look forward to seeing you at SEU and talking shop over lunch!

PLM World Member Experimenter

This is a great idea. We engineering/software types are not always the most outgoing.


How about a table of Teamcenter integration or SEEC?

Gears Esteemed Contributor

Insight and SESP perhaps as well...

Gears Phenom

Is there a table where we can just eat quietly and look apprehensively at the person next to us?



No. I did suggest "avoid eye contact" and "Klingon language only" tables, but internally we were all fighting over which of us would get to sit there, so we had to scrap those.