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What if You Can't Make It to SEU?


If you can't make it to Solid Edge University 2015, there are still some ways you can participate and almost get the feeling like you are there. The most immediate way is to follow Twitter #SEU15, and Facebook. You'll get an almost-immediate stream-of-consciousness experience, but maybe not much depth. For more depth, follow this blog and the user forum. Whatever your favored social media, we'll have something there.


I always encourage people at events to be at the event rather than yacking about it on social media. One of my favorite pictures that I took at one of these events was a group of people who hang out online, but they were all hanging out in a lounge area with their heads bent down over their phones and tablets, kind of unaware of each other. Sometimes we forget to be where we are, but each of us has our own way of communicating. Some people prefer to communicate in short form. I personally prefer to think it out a little more, and write more conversationally. So you will get different styles from different people by connecting to different outlets. That way no one person is burdened with writing about everything.


And then obviously, don't forget the CAD press. They have a different perspective, and are looking for things different from what employees or customers might look for.


So even if you can't make it to Cincinnati this year, you can be here virtually, and maybe next year you make it in person, and you'll be adding to the Twitter stream or forum threads. Of course there are benefits to being here in person, or we'd all stay home. Meeting folks and talking face to face can't be overrated. Plus, the technical sessions are really a highlight that aren't broadcast. There's the off-site event, and the reception, and lunches, and all that. Personal connections are an important part of the actual event.

Gears Esteemed Contributor

Plus you can all have a chuckle at my New Zealand [KIWI] accent, as we both decipher what I may/may not, have said.  Robot Embarassed

I probably need to spend some time in Solid Edge [luckily I bought it with me] ahead of getting to Cincinnati, re-schooling required more than ever, as I've been on full tourist mode for just over a week now. What amazing country this is. [or, what I've seen so far...Robot Very Happy




glad you're liking your visit. Yes, there's a lot of amazing stuff here. And when you think you've seen it all, there's something local that just blows your mind. Of course a lot of folks here want to see NZ too, including me.


Anyway, looking forward to seeing you in a couple of days!


Sean, It'll be great to finally meet you.


Glad you're getting some other sites in, and I think I speak for many here when I say that finally putting a voice (especially a NZ one) to all your posts, will make them even more enjoyable... just don't be insulted if we ask you to post them on the SEU15 App, so we can follow along, instead of just nodding.


See tomorrow evening! Bob

Gears Esteemed Contributor

OK, hahaha, that, I think I can do @BobMileti.


....had a quick pre-event meeting with these fine peeps....

>> @JohnsonBigMatt @Imics @Tushar <<




[there was even some of the SE team there, but, I rudely forgot to get a photo of them all. So probably didn't really happen]  Robot Embarassed