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What's New in Solid Edge ST10: Locally Installed Help


What’s New in ST10:  Locally Installed Help

I use the Solid Edge Help files a great deal. I spend time researching what the documentation says functions are supposed to do, and then I work in the software to see what it actually does, or where its limits are or something else that might be interesting to write about. As you might expect, this is particularly important around release time, to help me get a grasp on the new functionality.

Recently, we’ve had some storms cruise through the area, as tends to happen this time of year. A couple of them have knocked out power, sometimes multiple times in one afternoon. All of the pre-release Help has been on-line, up to this release. Working on a laptop/tablet, my actual computer isn’t at risk when the power goes out, but my internet connection is. So I’ve found myself with software to use, but no help to guide me.

So I talked to Kevin Riggs, manager of the documentation group, and he hooked me up with the necessary downloads and installs for local Help. Here is what Mr. Riggs has to say about the new functionality:

We’re excited to offer customers the ability to install our web-served help on their own workstations and servers with ST10!  Customers have asked for this since we first created our collection of help and training with ST8.  Our collection contains tutorials, self-paced training, and classroom training material that customers who work with no internet access have not been able to take advantage of till now.  For multi-lingual customers, the help and training collection is available in all of the languages that Solid Edge supports. And For Teamcenter and NX customers who already install the Siemens Documentation Server, Solid Edge help collection can reside on the same server.

You can set up help on your local network for several machines or just on your local machine for yourself. Once this is installed, it should be good for the life of that version of Solid Edge, since it shouldn’t need maintenance packs.


The local help includes the browser based data that you’ve become used to which covers the Help, training, What’s New, videos, tours, tutorials, Admin guides, and other goodies that have been delivered with the on-line Help.

If you’re learning new or unfamiliar functionality, and don’t always have a great internet connection, this is one ST10 enhancement that you will really appreciate.




I'm a little confused. Doesn't Solid Edge already offer a locally installed help option? See below. Two questions:


1) What advantages does the implementation you describe above offer vs. the current locally installed option?


2) Will the locally installed version in ST9 still be available with ST10? I find it a lot easier to use than the HTML version. For example, the help contents column is always available which makes browsing help topics much easier than the web based version.





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And does it still open Microsoft's Internet Explorer / Edge by default? It doesn't make sense that we must use a specific browser when we have another one as the default browser! It should open on the default browser.


I think the new advantages is that local install means you can install on your own machine or a "local server", so your network doesn't have to hit the internet every time you look for help, all traffic will just be internal on your LAN. Plus you can install it where you don't have Solid Edge installed, say on a MS Surface, so you can read the Help on the tablet while keeping the software full screen.


On my computer, it uses Firefox, so I think it is using the default browser. But that's because the shortcut I have is in Firefox. At least it isn't forcing it to using MS browser.

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I was speaking about open it directly from Solid Edge. That is the question. If you open the Help or Learmimg Center from inside Solid Edge, it will use IE/Edge instead of the default browser. Does this still happen in ST10?

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@Cadflow ST10 still opens Internet Explorer as the default browser for Help launched from inside Solid Edge.


hi matt;

is there any improvement in the draft erea in ST10 because the previous versions of solidedge have many lacks and sometime the the view doesn't give the real 3D model with full of intersecting line and small line free (not connected to the model)