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3 to 5 Axis Toolpath Conversion

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

With the 3 to 5 axis toolpath conversion capability in NX CAM you can easily machine molds and dies with deep cavities. NX analyzes the toolpath and it automatically tilts the tool to avoid holder collisions. This 5-axis milling method enables you to use shorter tools to reduce vibration and tool deflection.


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Dear Sir,

I am finding problem in conversion of 3 axis variable contour area finishing  toolpath to 5 axis.

I cant apply tilt angle value as my machine tool having.I am using NX 8.50 software.

I am using DMG DMU 80 mb machine and having configuration of B axis tilt value from +30 deg to - 120 and A axis 360 deg.

please guide me.



Community Manager


The tilting limits are set as a maximum angular deviation from the tool axis. In NX 9, additional options are provided for specifiying the allowable and desired tilting behavior, but the tilt request remains as essentially the same concept: how much tilting can you allow away from the initial tool axis. The specifics of the machine axis travel are not specified as part of the tilt-tool function.