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Co-authoring with Teamcenter Office Online

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

Teamcenter Office Online works with Microsoft Office Online Server to enable browser-based editing, without a local install of Microsoft Office. Users have immediate access to content in the Active Workspace universal viewer and can check out the file with a single click and start editing in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


Now you can co-author documents, real-time, with your coworkers. Use the share button to choose coworkers you want to include and the document is automatically routed to them. Everyone can view all writing and edits realtime. When everyone has completed their work, you're notified and the document is automatically checked in.


Check out this quick overview and take a look at the ease of use Teamcenter Office Online can bring to your users.  

(view in My Videos)


Note that not all Microsoft capabilities are available, so you should check your use cases with this authoring option.


This looks very nice.


Is it planned to implement such a functionality for TechPub Studio (Teamcenter Technical Publishing), too?

I could imagin, that it would be very helpful to have such a functionality with xml in background and a html editor in AWC (e.g. for collaboration between documentation and engineering).


And if it is planned, will it be flexible to use it with different DTDs, not only DITA (e.g. PI-Mod DTD)?

Solution Partner Experimenter

Hi, I have faced an issue (on TC 11.5, AWC 4.1) wherein a user logged in AWC under a group (with space in the group name), the above office online functionality doesnt work. It instantly starts working if space in the group name is removed via TC Organization and user does a re-login to AWC. Is this something you are aware of?

I am planning to test it under the latest TC 12 and AWC 4.2, but that will obviously take time.





Interesting feature. One question, if we don´t have Microsoft Office licenses can we still EDIT Office files? I have read that office online server requires Office license to EDIT Word files.

Siemens Valued Contributor

Hi all - thanks for the questions - please see info below.


  RE: Office Online and Teamcenter Technical Publishing. 

An integration is not in our current roadmap, primarily because Office doesn't support the parsing and validation you need to work in a structured XML authoring way. There are a few add-ons/plug-ins that will enable it for DITA light usage, but most customers are working with more robust XML editors.

We are keeping our eye on XML editors in general, especially regarding HTML5 capabilities, etc.







Thanks for the answer Trish


Thank you @TrishLaedtke for answering my question.

Yes, we also use a xml editor for writing content.


When I've seen the functionality to edit some content directly in AWC, I thought, that it could be helpful regarding a possible review process (technical writer - engineering)


Actual we have this (simplified) process::

1. write content in TechPub Studio

2. start a review workflow in TechPub Studio

....... review pdf file is generated automatically ......

3. Engineering could add comments within the pdf file, but also in AWC.

4. technical writer open the pdf file and the comments in AWC .... and modify the xml content


Idea for improvement

It would be much more comfortable to let the engineering edit (e.g.) a xHTML page.

The technical writer than should see these comments in TechPub Studio.


@TrishLaedtke  - When i assign co authors it throws

"The template "DocumentSharingtask" cannot be found.
The creation of workflow process has failed." error.


Please let me know how to fix this error.

TC11.5 / AW 4.2