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Supplier Declarations for Product Compliance

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

One of the biggest challenges that manufacturers run into when addressing product compliance requirements is having the ability to efficiently collect and process supplier declarations.  Read on to discover how Teamcenter can help.


Successful manufacturers realize the benefits of creating sustainable and compliant products.  Most companies understand that compliance to environmental and social regulations like REACH, RoHS and Conflict Minerals will help to achieve green brand recognition in the global markets.  However, one important area around addressing compliance that manufacturers find especially challenging is supplier declaration processing.  The process of requesting, gathering and validating supplier declarations can be tedious and error prone without the help of a proven, automated solution.  


With Teamcenter substance compliance, you can streamline the process around supplier declarations to gain visibility into all the materials that make up your product.  This will give you a complete picture of your product, a prerequisite for accurate compliance grading.  With support for industry standards such as IPC-175x and CMRT, along with integrations to supplier declaration databases like BOMcheck and IMDS, you have the ease of reaching out to a large number of suppliers in your supply chain and communicating your needs for declarations.  Declarations coming in from suppliers are validated by Teamcenter and once approved, data is aggregated into the product BOM.



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Supplier declaration process in Teamcenter for Product Compliance 


For more information on how to address product compliance challenges using Teamcenter, please see other blogs around this topic.

Siemens Theorist

Information flow from suppliers - the beating heart of sustainable products Man Happy


Nice to see teamcenter has functionality to align design and manufacturing realities based on feedback from suppliers!


Do we have provision to update process planning(operations in case of inhouse manufacturing as an alternative to subcontracting) restrictions and update design changes to components based on 8D report from the supplier?




Siemens Theorist

Sounds like this could be in the area of Teamcenter's Supplier Collaboration solution - working the 8d approach collaboratively....